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What Can I Do For You....

Here's a brief overview of what I can do for you...



Do you need a hand with the captions for your socials? You know you need to do them but you're struggling to find the time.

Who has the time and expertise to write a load of social captions? Me, that's who.

I can write for any of your social channels. It's about quality as well as quantity - I'll make sure the copy is not only engaging and follows a strategy, but finishes with the right calls to action.


Emails and newsletters are a great way to stay fresh in your audience's mind, and inbox. You can regularly update your audience in the background while you're getting on with other stuff. 

So what's the difference between an email and a newsletter? Aren't they the same thing?


Newsletters are typically long, structured, regularly scheduled emails that are sent to your entire list.

Whereas, marketing emails are usually shorter, sent more irregularly, and feature a call to action or a sense of urgency at the end.



Blog posts can be time-consuming, and tend to be one of those things on the to-do list that always manages to slip down to the bottom - save yourself the hassle, and let me do it for you.

Blogs are a great way to educate and inform your audience about what's going on in your business, and it will help them find you on Google.


Your website copy shows your customers who you are, how you can serve them and why they should choose you, and not your competitor. 

What can I do with your website copy?

- I can rewrite what you've already got (maybe you want to change the tone of voice?).


If you've written the copy and just want a fresh pair of eyes, send it over! You can easily miss mistakes in your own work, especially when you've been staring at it for hours. 

What are the sorts of things I can proofread for you?

- Your website
- Emails/newsletters
- Books
- Your wedding speech
- Brochures

I can check it.

Let's Work Together


I can create a custom package to meet your needs.

Once I know your goals, audience, voice and what makes your business unique I can influence your audience from multiple angles, helping you have a consistent message and platform.