Two New Toyota Recalls — 2022 Toyota Tundra Trucks and 2023 bZ4X EV Vehicles

Not a good week for Toyota

Photo by Sadman Nafis on Unsplash

Toyota has issued recalls for its first mainstream electric car and one of its full-sized pickup trucks for problems in which nuts or bolts could loosen and wheels or axles can become disconnected. Toyota is conducting a safety recall involving 2023 model year all-electric bZ4X vehicles and certain 2022 model year Tundra vehicles.

Nearly 50,000 Toyota Tundra pickup trucks are being recalled due to risk of rear axle assembly nuts loosening and potentially falling off the vehicle completely. The automaker says that “Vehicles in this recall have certain nuts on the rear axle assembly that can loosen over time.” In the event that the nut does fall off, Toyota said it could potentially cause the axle subassembly to separate from the axle, potentially risking a crash.

For all involved vehicles, Toyota dealers will inspect and retighten the axle flange nuts. In some cases, axle-related components may be replaced based on inspection results.

The Toyota Tundra recall comes just one day after the company issued a separate recall on the just-released Toyota 2023 bZ4X EV over wheels that could fall off. The hub bolts on a wheel could come loose, causing the wheel to detach from the car. Toyota warned owners of BZ4X electric SUVs to stop driving them because the wheels might fall off. The SUVs only recently went on sale in the United States.

According to Toyota’s announcement, BZ4X owners should stop driving the vehicles immediately. Bolts that hold the wheels on can loosen after even a relatively small number of miles on the road, allowing the wheels to detach.

No remedy is available at this time. Until the remedy is available, any authorized Toyota dealer will pick up the vehicle and provide a loaner vehicle FREE OF CHARGE to the owner. In both cases, vehicle owners can check the NHTSA recalls website where the recall information should be posted soon, to find out if their vehicle is included.

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