Tips to Get Rid of Old Furniture

(This was a blog post I wrote for a Junk Removal Company)

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Have you ever wanted to replace your old furniture but simply didn’t have the time or energy to do it? Have you recently bought new furniture, only to have the old pieces sit around the house and collect dust? Are you tired of the junky junk room?

Spring is upon us, and everyone starts thinking about spring cleaning. However, if your storage is overflowing or if you are thinking about putting your house on the market, you may need a professional.

You surely don’t need anything else to add to your list.

  1. Time — By having a professional junk removal service take care of your cluttered garage or spare room turned junk room, you have more time to spend with family and your business. Why waste all the time of coordinating a dumpster rental and trying to sort out fees and permits, when junk removal companies are just one phone call away. You have enough things to do. Why add more by trying to figure out the logistics on your own. Some junk removal companies even offer same-day service!

  2. Safety — If you try to remove old furniture by yourself, the chances of you getting injured are great. Many large items, such as pianos and pool tables, require teamwork to remove due to their weight. This makes the job more dangerous. You don’t want yourself or friends or family getting hurt attempting to haul these heavy, awkward items. If you or someone else gets injured, you are going to add unnecessary costs that you wouldn’t have had to pay in the first place if you had hired professionals. Help from a professional will decrease your chances of injury. Some items also require expertise in disassembling before you are able to remove them from your house. It is better to leave such tasks up to a professional junk hauler. Additionally, you likely won’t have the proper equipment to remove the debris. This makes the job even more dangerous. Remember, a junk hauling company is specially trained to do the job safely and correctly.

Getting rid of old furniture isn’t an easy process. It’s heavy, awkward, hard to maneuver, and is nearly impossible to do on your own. You may even need extra hands and tools, such as a dolly, to move heavier pieces. Even if you can manage to convince someone to help you with the heavy lifting, you still have to drop it off for donation or at the dump on your own.

3. Money — “Time is money and money is time.” When you save time, you also save money. For residential homes, a junk removal service still saves you more money in the long run. Especially if you are getting ready to sell your home. Old appliances, home remodeling leftovers, or just all the stuff that you and your family have collected over the years, need to be whisked away.

4. Businesses — For business owners in industries such as real estate, property management, and home construction, hiring a professional junk removal service is a must. If you plan to do it yourself, you will have to rent trucks, have the proper tools, buy gas, and pay others to help, not to mention dumpsters and removal. You can usually pay professionals one flat fee, and the work is done. Even though you will be paying a junk hauling service for the job, it still saves you more money (and valuable time) in the long run.

5. Disposal — How do you plan to dispose of your old furniture? This is where a professional really comes in handy. A lot of people don’t know that there are laws concerning the disposal of trash. States and cities often have their own codes for disposal of furniture, appliances, and the like. You can’t just dump it anywhere. Certain items are considered hazardous, and you cannot dump these items at your local landfill (and you need to know how to handle them also).

Professionals know dumping laws and regulations and can prevent you from getting fined. Also, you don’t want to leave your “footprint” on the environment any more than necessary. Almost everything can be recycled these days. It also does the conscience good to know your junk won’t all be dumped into the landfill. Just imagining the time and effort it would require to properly dispose of all the old furniture yourself is worth calling the professionals.

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