Staging Your House to Sell

Updated: Jan 31

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The condition of your home interior provides buyers with a view of how you take care of it. Buyers want to see a well-maintained home. Here are some important “to dos” before a showing or open house.

  • Clean homes add value. The importance of a clean home from top to bottom can never be overstated. Buyers hate dirt. Unclean homes make buyers think of neglect, high maintenance, and costly repairs.

  • Clean kitchen allures. The kitchen is the center of a family’s daily living. Hide all clutter! No dirty dishes in the sink or drying dishes on the rack. Remove all countertop appliances so buyers can see how much room the counters contain. Clean the hood over the stove, the oven, and the refrigerator and make sure all are in good working condition. Fix anything not working. Wipe off all cabinet doors and drawers. Replace broken or worn-out flooring.

  • Uncluttered countertops and tables. Tabletops and countertops must be neat and clean. The dining room table should only have a few matching items. The living room coffee table should be tidy with up-to-date decor.

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  • Clear the clutter. A buyer needs space to dream about how to decorate and furnish each room to make it theirs. Clutter-free rooms appear larger. Store your unnecessary items such as furniture, toys, personal items, clothes, little-used appliances, and excess home decor out of sight.

  • Make rooms look more appealing by storing large furniture that may be taking up too much space. Buyers need to look inside a room and begin thinking about how their furnishings will fit.

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  • Bedrooms should look inviting. All of the bedrooms should look clean, neat and organized. Beds should be made, and nightstands cleared of clutter. Store all clothes, toys, and unnecessary things out of sight. Dust all surfaces and replace any bulbs in lamps or fans. Buyers need to see their items in the space. Also, neat, clutter-free organized closets appear larger.

  • Sparkling bathrooms appeal. Make sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets sparkle and smell clean. Hang fresh towels on racks. Repair loose and missing caulking and tiles. New shower curtains and bathmats work wonders. Yes, buyers will look.

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  • Extras — Pillows and plants add to the overall feel of a clean, up dated house.

  • Additionally, Fix everything buyers could notice like dripping faucets, sticking doors and windows, loose doorknobs and cabinet hinges. Replace missing windows and repair broken window screens.

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