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🏡 ✨ Ready to sleigh the holiday clutter?

Here are 10 tips to declutter your home and make it merry & bright!


Closet Cleanse: Donate or sell clothes you haven't worn in a year. Make room for those cozy holiday sweaters!


Toy Triage: Sort through kids' toys. Donate what's no longer played with to spread joy to others.


Kitchen KonMari: Toss expired items, donate unused gadgets, and organize the pantry. Cooking holiday feasts just got easier!


Bookshelf Bliss: Declutter your bookshelf. Gift or donate books you've already conquered – make room for new adventures!


Tech Timeout: Unplug and declutter digital spaces. Delete old files and apps. A tidy digital space = a clear mind!


Festive Furniture Shuffle: Rearrange furniture for a fresh vibe. Create cozy nooks for holiday gatherings!


Paper Pile Purge: Shred old documents, file important ones. Your desk will thank you!


Jingle Bell Junk Drawer: Tackle that infamous junk drawer. It's a small space, but a big win for organization!


Plant Parade: Refresh plants, toss the wilted ones. Greenery adds holiday cheer!


Memory Lane Makeover: Digitize old photos, store sentimental items in a dedicated space.

Cherish the memories without the clutter!

Ready, set, declutter!  Your stress-free, organized home awaits. Happy holidays!  #Declutter #HomeForTheHolidays #OrganizeAndThrive  #NJRealEstate  #kw  #realestatetips  #realtorlife

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