Psychology of Color in Internet Marketing

First, color psychology is not an exact science but it is in the realm of human behavioral psychology.

People have different emotions and feelings based on several factors including culture, past experiences, and visual perceptions, as well as age and profession. Advertisers have always known this visual appeal in print, but now this is translating to the internet market as well.

The research in this field is ever evolving and ever changing. As you search the web for a particular subject or just stumble across a website, your first interaction with that site is usually the visual power of it.

If it is “boring” to you, then you will likely pass on and never read the content. If the photos, background, or even color text appeals to your senses, you will likely stop to read it.

Marketers, as well as writers, believe that the single most important element to consider is the audience. The color perception for a person from a particular culture or region may vary greatly. One must be aware not to inadvertently offend their audience. While colors can be used to highlight an important point, if colors are used incorrectly or haphazardly, the reader may miss the point entirely.

Eye catching colors such as red, orange, and yellow usually invoke happiness, especially if you are marketing a children’s item or a fun product. However, these may not be the best for a serious topic.

In some cultures, yellow is perceived as cowardly and red is associated with violence. Yellow is also associated with warnings such as traffic lights or signs, as is red. Again, you have to research and know your target audience.

Speaking of research, blue is the most preferred color for both men and women. Blue exudes trust and loyalty. The colors in the blue spectrum are perceived as calming and relaxing although professional and stately. Many corporate offices are painted in shades of blue or green to promote productivity and decrease stress.

So, it seems to reason that the same would hold true for internet marketing. You probably automatically link blue with certain brands and logos. What feeling do you get when you think of those? Something pleasing and easy on the eyes is paramount in marketing.

Women also link purple with creativity. Whereas men rate purple as one of their least favorite colors. Similarly, pink is usually used in markets to target women and seldom used to target men.

The color gold appeals to both women and men conjuring up feelings of wealth and prosperity, as does silver. In addition, some colors have taken on a life of their own and are directly associated with a particular item such as pink for breast cancer or red for heart health.

Environmental sites know the importance of the color green. Green trees, green grass, green anything seems to make you want to take a deep breath of clean air and freshness. Thus, internet marketers are all about the green, which incidentally also refers to money.

Then there is the color black. It is used to frame an important point or used boldly to emphasis a key word. Black can stand for elegance, sophistication, and luxury or can turn a person off by its misuse causing other less appealing emotions.

What appeals to you and your business may not appeal to your audience. A good marketer and/or writer will help incorporate the right colors into your business ad campaigns.

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