Birmingham, AL Hostage Situation in Birmingham Ends with Victim Escaping Newsbreak

Birmingham’s South Precinct officers responded to the 900 block of 45th Street North in the Kingston community on a report of a domestic disturbance about 11 p.m. Wednesday. Then at 12:29 am, Birmingham Police Department tweeted that they where on the scene of a "Domestic hostage" situation. Officer Truman Fitzgerald said police learned that a male had forcibly grabbed a female and dragged her back into her apartment. The victim had a protection from abuse order against her ex-boyfriend, Fitzgerald said, but he had shown up at her home and ultimately held her against will. Officers gathered more information on the suspect and learned that he had a felony weapons offense and was known to be heavily armed. When police realized who they were dealing with, they illuminated the area and used a loudspeaker to try to coax out the suspects, telling whoever was inside to come out with their hands raised. The female was able to make contact with the police and remained in communication with a 911 dispatcher via text message. The victim told police she was going to try to escape through a window and let them know which window she planned to use for her getaway, reported Shortly before 1 a.m. Thursday, the Birmingham Police Department’s SWAT team arrived on the scene. Moments later, the victim escaped through the window and ran to the safety of officers. About 1:20 a.m., after further negotiations by the tactical team, two male suspects surrendered. reported Officer Truman Fitzgerald stated, “ One of the suspects was the victim’s boyfriend, and they are still trying to determine the involvement of the second suspect. The officers should be commended for working to de-escalate the situation and bring it to a successful end. We’re thankful to the suspect, too, because this situation could have been so much worse,’’ he said. “We’ve seen a lot of situations locally were those in relationships have decided to take the life of their loved one and this young man didn’t. We thank him for that.“We’re just glad,’’ Fitzgerald said, “this resolved peacefully for everybody.” The investigation is ongoing.

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