Alternatives for Easter Meal

The tradition of all the family gathering around a huge dining table just isn’t realistic anymore. You may be entertaining a small group of friends or family with paper plates rather than Grandma’s china or sitting around a grill rather than a table.

Whether you are planning to explore a different culture's dishes or to include vegan alternatives in the meal, there are more options than ever for Easter.

1. Salmon - For the seafood lover, a nice, thick cut of salmon fillet is a fantastic alternative. Cedar planked salmon, citrus baked salmon, and lemon dill salmon are easy and delicious recipes. If salmon is too pricey, try a white fish for a good substitute.

2. Pot Roast - This isn’t your grandmother pot roast. Many recipes are around for a favorable pot roast that doesn’t require a ton of expertise or time, but look and taste amazing. Consider a garlic base or maybe a sweet onion gravy. Vegetables can be cooked with, saving even more time and dishes.

3. Chicken – Often you will find chicken leg quarters on sale and for the price, you can make a splendid meal for not much money. Recipes for an all-inclusive, cooked in tin foil, chicken recipes are the go-to recipes for a busy chef. You can include the chicken and veggies together, put in a pan, into the oven and then continue on with your thousand other projects. You can also use bar b q, honey mustard, or a seasoning mix to turn up the flavor.

4. Venison – Deer meat is usually plentiful around November. It can be cooked in various ways much like any other meat. Venison stroganoff, meatloaf, bar b q, teriyaki and more recipes are available. Venison is a lean meat. It is higher in protein and lower in fat than beef.

5. Goose and/or Duck - Both of these birds are a traditional main dish in many European cultures. It has become a special dish to eat on holidays for many families. Roasted, rubbed, or glazed, this meat is healthy and delicious, but may require a higher level of experience as not to be too dry.

6. Eggplant Parmesan – A beefy alternative to a meat main dish is eggplant parmesan. Enjoy the taste of Italy by layering eggplant, fresh mushrooms, cheese and pasta sauce in this classic Italian dish. Easy to make and a hearty meal that will be liked by all.

7. Vegetable Lasagna - This is another hearty dish that provides a satisfying main dish without including any meat. Vegetable lasagnas can be made in a variety of ways including mushrooms or eggplant. However, you prepare it, your guests will want more.

8. Vegetables – So, if you are going to go against the norm, why not go all the way. Vegetables can be prepared numerous ways and can be a great alternative to a heavy meal. Not everyone wants to feel over-full from one meal. If possible, go to your farmers market or produce market to select the freshest veggies. Keep in mind the dietary restrictions of your guests.

9. Salads, tapas, meat salads – Just bring a salad. Whether you are using leafy greens, tuna, fruits or veggies, a salad can go in many different directions. Try a Japanese radish salad or an Asian apple salad. A variety of salads can be a nice relaxing alternative for both the host and the guests.



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